5 Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer on Retainer

Real life scenario:

It’s 8am, and it’s time to grab that second cup of coffee and open up shop for the day. Since you’re the business owner, you’re in charge of well...everything. Getting the office set up, answering customer voicemails and emails, submitting expense reports and invoicing, dealing with pushy salespeople (again), finding time to cram in lunch, networking, attempting to create your email newsletter, actually...you know...providing a service…

Somewhere in there you manage to update your marketing and website like once every six months, and let’s be honest...you’re pulling random memes to fill your Instagram grid. If we’re being really honest...your brand materials just aren’t cutting it.

Ok, stop the madness. Regroup. What solutions do you have here?

You could:

  • Hire an employee to take the load off (along with the hefty bill of insurance and/or high wages)

  • Drink 3 more cups of coffee and wake up a few extra hours earlier (who needs sleep, anyway?)

  • Attempt to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and hope for the best

  • Outsource your branding materials to a professional graphic designer

Bingo, lady. It’s time to ask for the help you’ve been desperately needing.

When you outsource parts of your business to other professionals, you are receiving loads of benefits and cost savings. Don’t believe us? Here’s 5 reasons why you need to hire a graphic designer on retainer:

Quick note: Having someone on “retainer” means utilizing them as needed to provide a service while paying a small monthly fee.

  • Serious cost savings. If you are on the fence between hiring an employee or outsourcing, this is the number one reason why a retainer program would win every time. Having a graphic designer on retainer allows you to pay a small monthly fee to know you have an specialized expert at your disposal. Paying an in-house employee hourly most likely results in your business not seeing a good ROI or expert-level quality. On the flip side, paying a per-project rate for graphics can get pricey, along with extensive lead times.

  • Consistency with work product. You’ve seen your designer’s work, and they know your brand like the back of their hand. When you hire a designer on retainer, they build a genuine connection to your brand to provide high quality work with a personal touch.

  • On demand help when you need it most. Hiring and training an employee, negotiating pricing with freelance designers, and attempting to DIY are serious time wasters. How sweet would it be to send one email to your on-call graphic designer and have a flyer created in a short amount of time? This one is a no-brainer.

  • Collaboration with an expert. Your graphic designer on retainer has your back. They only want to see your business explode with growth, and since he/she is a creative, they are loaded with forward-thinking ideas. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is more helpful than you may think (and they may know a thing or two about what you’re looking to do 😏).

  • They know when it’s time for a shift. This ties into our last point. A graphic designer will be honest with you when your brand needs a facelift. They want to create designs they believe in, and if a brand is lacking, that’s hard to do with a smile. The good news is that your on-demand expert will give you actionable steps and lead times so you don’t feel all the burden of major decision making.

The clients we have worked on retainer for can tell you that this was one of the best decisions they ever made in their business. We believe the same for you!

Learn more about our affordable graphic design retainer program, and get back to doing what you love the most!


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