How To Select the Best Fonts for Your Brand

Building a brand is visual science and involves taking the personality, mission, and feel of your business and effectively communicating it to your target audience.

In other words, your brand needs to say it all in one cohesive piece without your potential customer having to read much of anything.

One important detail that brings your branding together is your font choice. Your font is literally everywhere: your website, social graphics, business card - you name it. When people think of your business, they think of your fonts (sounds a bit odd, but trust us - it’s true!). Font pairing is what sends the message to the potential customer without you having to say (or write) a word. It is also what we like to call the glue of your total brand packaging.

Selecting a font that will speak best to your audience and portray what your business is all about can be easy! Check out these simple guidelines before digging into the thousands of online font choices:

  • Get clear on your target audience and mission. Who exactly are you serving, and how would they relate to your brand? What is your overall goal in your business (besides making money, of course)?

  • What personality do you want your brand to have? This is so important. If you’re not a loud, outgoing person, why would your brand be? People want to buy from YOU, so make sure this is evident in your branding.

  • How do you want your customers to feel when interacting with your brand? Let’s say you are a fine art wedding photographer. More than likely, your brand fonts are soft, elegant, and dainty. Your customers would feel peaceful and warm working with you since your brand is expressing that emotion. If you’re a personal trainer, you want your clients to be excited and motivated, so your fonts would be bold and strong.

  • Stay relevant and modern. Check to see what trends are in right now for fonts in your industry. If you’re a creative, more than likely you’ve seen brush and calligraphy-based fonts floating around your niche. Keep your brand unique while incorporating these modern styles.

  • Pick fonts that work together. Let’s be honest here...sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be. You may like a cool cursive and a funky bold font, but they may not be a match made in heaven. Pair your two fonts together to see how they accent each other. At Brand Bug, we always recommend having at least one accent font and one body font.

  • Find fonts you’ll be able to easily use. Although there are super unique fonts that can be purchased online, there are many free options at your disposal! Whatever route you take, make sure you will have the proper rights to the fonts before utilizing them for your marketing materials. When you download a font, there will be specific instructions on what you are authorized to use.

Here are some examples of fonts with their brand personalities:

What fonts best fit your brand? Not sure where to begin? We can help build you an essential foundation for your brand through our affordable brand design services!

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