Why Your Business Needs A Brand Audit

Have you ever heard the saying “just give the people what they want?” The same is true for your business. The hard truth is this: just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. You may be over the moon about your brand, yet others aren’t really resonating (in fact, they may not like it at all - ouch).

So, what do you do when you’ve poured your heart and soul into social media posts, signed up for all the opt-ins, and given away more than you’re making?

It’s time for a (business) reality check.

Us in the business like to call these checks brand audits. A brand audit is a comprehensive assessment of your brand that identifies problem areas, reviews your target audience, and provides impactful solutions moving forward. These reviews are powerful for your business and can become the catalyst for the biggest, yet necessary changes.

Don’t feel down if you’re in a position where your business needs this. In fact, it is recommended that businesses perform these “checkups” semi-annually (or at least annually). Trends, customer interests, and industries evolve as time goes on – that means your business needs to do the same.

Depending on the industry you are in, your business may benefit from customized brand audits. However, don’t be fooled that brand foundations vary that drastically between industries. Here are the core elements of beginning a brand audit:

Design: Also known as your brand perception. The design of your brand needs to incorporate everything that you, your mission, and your customer embody. Sure, you may love hot pink and glitter, but will that attract the customer you are really looking for?

Target Audience: Without a doubt, this has got to be the most important step when building your brand. Who the heck are you even selling to?! What do they like? What is their age? These are serious questions you have to know the answers to before moving forward with any selling.

Cohesiveness: Let’s be honest – do people really know what you sell? Does that color scheme and your service offerings truly portray who you are and what you do? Simply put: a brand needs to make sense (and it doesn’t hurt if it flows together, too!).

Niche: Yes ladies, we can do all the things, but should we really? Although niching may seem like a limitation to your business, it will actually help you in becoming an industry expert. You want people to think of your industry, then immediately think of your business. Choosing one door can be difficult, but find your favorite service offering and hone in on it. Your clients will thank you later.

Marketing: Oh, everyone’s favorite part of business (trust me, we get it). Are you haphazardly posting on Instagram hoping someone double taps? Do the colors, fonts, and feel of your post make sense with your brand? This can be a beast, but it doesn’t have to be with a clear understanding of your brand.

These questions may seem like common sense until you realize, “Oh man…I may be farther off track than I thought…

At Brand Bug, we always encourage our clients to dedicate time to thoroughly assessing their brands before too much time is wasted by, well, “winging it.” Something so simple as a brand audit can really go a long way.

Sounds like something your business needs? You don’t have to do business alone! That’s why our team of experts is ready to walk you through your new season of business without all the stress.

If you’re ready to identify those problem areas and create an actionable plan to move forward with your brand vision, book your 45 min brand clarity session today!

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